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Airbag Light Service | Air Bag Tech Inc., Los Angeles

Your vehicle has airbag warning lights for several reasons, and the most important one of all is that the warning light may be on because the air bag itself is absent or not set properly for deployment. Airbag Tech can reset the airbag light for you, but our services are mainly about a complete safety check to ensure things are working properly. If you have a used vehicle that does not have airbags we cannot guarantee your safety - in other words the car you purchased may have been in an accident.

We perform the following airbag checks:
♦ Airbag Light - Inspect and reset the airbag light electrics so that you may pass safety inspection.
♦ Airbag Module - New installation of airbag module, the electronic device behind the scenes that sets off the airbags.
♦ Dash Replacements - A complete replacement of your dashboard, including both driver and passenger airbag.

Your Airbag Light Can Save Your Life! Order An Air Bag Diagnostic CheckToday

Airbag Tech believes in quality of service, that's why you should trust your airbag light inspection to us. We have serviced thousands of motor vehicles and come recommended by local law enforcement. Our 13 years in the business have taught us that word-of-mouth means a lot, and to know that the local community trusts what we do makes us feel proud to serve Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

So, it's better to be safe than sorry - call us for an airbag diagnostic check today and know that your vehicle complies with state standards. Or risk getting cited for improper vehicle safety when you go to sell your car or truck in the used marketplace.