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Airbag Safety | Kids and Air Bags, Lessons Learned

Modern vehicles are equipped with front, side and even head curtain
airbags designed to protect us in the even of a collision. Sometimes,
however the airbags themselves can be deadly.

Children and small adults are particularly vulnerable if sitting in the front seat and too close to the airbag. Follow these tips to stay safe:

1. Always Buckle Up, Airbags and Seatbelts Work Together
2. Safe Distance - Experts Say 10 Inches from the Air Bag
3. Children Under Age 12 Need to Ride in the Back Seat
4. For Babies/Infants, Use Rear-Facing Child Seats in Back

Air Bag Solutions for Your Car, Truck or SUV

At Airbag Tech, Inc. we only service airbags and dash replacements and related electrical work, We enjoy being sought after experts in the airbag safety field. If you are concerned about your airbags or SRS system, give us a call for an inspection.

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