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Welcome to Airbag Tech, Inc. the leader in Southern California airbag service and repair. This is our home page.

Los Angeles Airbag Services
We offering complete airbag diagnostics and automotive electrical and dash work.

California Airbag Installation
What good is your airbag light, without the actual airbags - we can install new airbags in just a few hours.

ADAS Calibration                                                                                                                                                                               We now can perform the calibration to your vehicle's advanced safety features.

Airbag Light On
When your vehicle's airbag light turns on but will not go off, this is a sign there may be electrical trouble
with your car or it's also possible that you purchased a used vehicle that was damaged and has NO air bags.

About Airbags
This page tells some facts about the airbag industry and how the safety in motor vehicles with new technology
is definitely saving lives today and even moreso tomorrow..

Airbags And Safety
As with many things that enhance our daily lives, there can be a dark side - airbags themselves have caused
at least 87 deaths, mainly infants and children who should have been in the back seat at the time of accident.

Our Expert Technicians
A mention about our staff, and how their knowledge about airbags works for our satisfied customers.